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Specialists In Prescription Dress & Safety Eyewear

From now until December.31,2018 when you buy two pairs of prescription safety glasses we will offer the second frame at no charge when you buy the lenses!

 When it come to prescription safety eyewear Garage Optical Ltd is your true professional prescription eyewear provider.​​   We carry a large selection of prescription safety eyewear.  We have access to all Wiley  X, Armourx, Titmus and OnGuard. We do offer a full prescriptions safety eyewar programs custom tailored to your specific needs. CJ Smith is one of our on site staff  and has years of experience in the Alberta Oil Sands, mod yards, plants and has fit thousands of workers along side a licenced optician.  On site fittings help ensure that we find the right pair of glasses that work together with the ppe your employee has to wear.  Not all frames fit the same when you are wearing some styles of hard hats as well as half masks, we want to ensure your comfort and fit.  We also offer a full 2 month no questions asked fitting trial. For pricing please contact us via email or by phone found on the contacts page.  All of our products are in compliance with all CSA current standards and comply with Alberta OH&S Legislation.


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  2. Wiley X brick
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SW12 honeywell
SW07 Honeywell
SW06 Honeywell

Titmus SW12
Small - Large Fit
Black, Black & Green

Titmus SW07
Medium - Large Fit
Brown, Gun Metal, Blue

Titmus SW06
Medium - Large Fit
Black & Orange, Brown & Yellow

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