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Non Prescription Sunglasses

  1. Wiley X Boss
  2. Wiley X Boss Matte Black
  3. Wiley X Tide Gold Mirror
  4. Wiley X Tide Blue Mirror
  5. Wiley X Enzo Polarized Emerald Mirror
  6. Wiley X Gravity Polarized Yellow lens
  7. Wiley X Valor polar grey kryptek
  8. wiley x omega kryptek polarized emerald green mirror
  9. rebel real tree polar green
  10. Wiley X Gravity brozne
  11. Wiley X gravity polar blue mirror
  12. wiley x ignite polar blue
  13. Wiley X Peak polar blue mirror
  14. wiley x nash polarized grey
  15. Managing Director
  16. Wiley X Valor Real Tree Camo
  17. Wiley X Saint grey / clear / rust 3 lens package
Garage Optical Ltd. carries a wide range of non prescription ANSI rated Wiley X sunglass frames.  You can contact us directly to order them and we can ship them to your door step any where in Canada for an additonal $15.00.  Wiley X offer balastic rated protection for at home or at play.  These are some of the highest quailty frames in the market today